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Saturday, 8 June 2019

Saima's khatta Meetha OT Talk-Dr Diksha Kamble

Introducing the seventeenth guest of my column is a young professional who has an interesting outlook towards her passion and work. Her dedicated efforts to establish her practice in a challenging field is worth appreciation.

Dr Diksha (OT)

Dr.Diksha Kamble is an occupational therapist(mental health)hypnotherapist,life coach ,reiki and shamanic healer.She  uses a unique approach of integrating occupational therapy with spiritual healing as well as hypnosis.She believes creativity and integration keeps therapy truly customized and caters to the unique needs of the client.
She currently practices in Andheri and also conducts workshops on a variety of emotional,psychological and mental health issues.

Lets read her views further:

1) What are your primary areas of work interest?

My primary areas of work interest are mental health and pediatric mental health.

2) Can you tell us more about Whitespace and its journey?
So 'The White Space' is my own company that I always wanted to create.It provides holistic mental health services as well as spiritual therapies,workshops to individuals.
So after finishing my graduation I knew I wanted to do something different but I didn't know how.After battling suicidal thoughts and this never ending feeling of emptiness, I realized that I probably need to create something different that I needed the most during my own journey while battling with depression and that's how 'The white space' was born,providing a range of services customized to the needs of the client.

3) What are the challenges you are facing in establishing your practice of Mental Health and how do you deal with it?
One of the greatest challenge is the stigmatization around mental health.My clients often start with something like, "Not that I m mad,but I m going through so and so."or "how do I come for therapy ,people would know". So people often feel that if its mental illness ,its weakness,its something to be ashamed of and sometimes they don't follow up because of this reason.
 So for this reason I conduct  or be a part of certain free workshops and seminars for mental health so that people know that mental health is important and that its nothing to be ashamed of.

4) You have pursed specialized  learning like NLP, reiki, hynopsis etc how do you use them with occupational therapy practice?
 So occupational therapy has always been about following a holistic approach and if we look at the Canadian model of occupational therapy the core of it is spirituality.Spiritual need is quite an important need that is often overlooked in a lot of conventional therapies.By integrating these practices with occupational therapy I believe it ensures quicker,effective and faster results with this need for spiritual answers satiated.

5)As a fresh graduate a lot of professionals have dilemma over their future pursuits,what is your advise to them?
 My advice would be that be your own different,unique self.Meditate,it really helps resolve dilemmas,helped me!
Also don't compare your journey to someone else's.All your classmates might be moving abroad to pursue masters,taking on new jobs and responsibilities but if that doesn't feel right,makes you jump with 'yay,I want to do this' don't do it. Take your time, rat race is pointless.

Your highlights:

My professional strength: Empathy,awareness,emotional quotient

My inspirational moment: The moment white space was born.

My favorite Occupations: Writing,teaching,healing

I am known for: Being offbeat and different.

P.S: I extend my gratitude to her for her valuable time.See you all next Saturday with another guest


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